MPV Systems Inc was established in 1998 as the software consulting practice of Michael Perkins B.A.Sc. Mike holds a degree in Materials Engineering and is an experienced software developer; he owns a retail business and been an operations manager for a commercial vehicle manufacturer. Since 1998 he has provided implementation, custom software and support services to 18 companies using Infor Visual enterprise software in British Columbia. Today the company continues to provides software and services to many of its original clients including The Stemcell Technologies Group, Brunette Industries Ltd and Lantec Industries.

The primary focus of the Company's business since 2006 has been in the field of productivity enhancements through the development of CDM and BPA software. MPV Systems believes that among the many areas of IT investment BPA is one of a select few with the greatest potential for delivering value and productivity gains while maximizing investment returns. With a well implemented Enterprise foundation manufacturing companies are in an excellent position to automate their more complex and highly valued information processing algorithms.



MPV Systems Inc

British Columbia, Canada

tel (604) 782-5300